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Soft porn, also known as softcore in opposition to hardcore porn, is a type of pornographic material which has a very specific audience. People who enjoy watching less explicit sexual scenes or situations, rather than the common screaming and moaning, cum-in-mouth scenes of regular pornographic movies. Soft porn is also the type of pornography that attracts women the most, although they are more likely to prefer written pornography, such as erotic tales or short stories.

There's actually a thin line between soft porn and hardcore movies. Soft porn in general has a well-written storyline and better acting, while in hardcore pornography, the "performance" is more important than acting itself. Soft porn movies don't depict scenes such as erect penises, penetration, oral sex or cumshots. You see the couple moving back and forth, and you see the woman coming down on him, but you never see the real thing.

Another important difference between regular porn movies and soft porn is that in the later, sexual contact is in general simulated. There's no penetration and actors are not even erected when performing the scenes. For that reason, some would call this kind of movie as "fake porn".

The preference of some people for soft porn is nothing but a matter of taste. While some people prefer real kinky stuff that may involve from midgets to scatology, some others prefer feel aroused just with the vision of a beautiful couple having sex, even without seeing the full scene. There are also adaptations of hardcore movies edited in their soft porn versions. In such movies, the graphic elements in the scene are blurred or zoomed out to make it appropriate for other audiences or exhibition places.

There are many soft porn titles that became famous around the world, and maybe the most notable of them are the French Emmanuelle series which was very popular in the 70's.

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Dismissal hearing resumes in child porn case against ex-JonBenet
Post on 29-09-2006.
SANTA ROSA, Calif. The hearing in the child porn case against ex-JonBenet Ramsey suspect John Karr that resumes today could end with the case thrown out and new charges judge in Santa Rosa, California, continues hearing arguments on Karr's motion to dismiss five misdemeanor counts of possessing child porn.Investigators admit they've lost the computer seized from Karr in 2001 that allegedly contained five kiddie porn images.But one detective testified that about one hundred diskettes, some C-Ds and one removable disk drive taken from Karr still exist and contain some child porn. Karr is not charged in connection with those images.However, if the judge dismisses the original case due to missing evidence, prosecutors may opt to charge Karr on the images they do have.Karr remains jailed on 200-thousand dollars bail. Copyright 2006 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed._ ...
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Prosecutors struggle to keep child porn case alive against John
Post on 28-09-2006.
SANTA ROSA, Calif. An angry judge and an embarrassed prosecutor: the result could be dismissal of child porn charges against ex-JonBenet Ramsey suspect John Karr.But even if the Sonoma County, California, judge agrees to toss out the five misdemeanor counts, fresh charges are possible.Investigators have lost the computer seized from Karr in 2001. Prosecutors say their copies of its contents are also gone. The judge criticized prosecutors for misleading her by withholding that information.The lost evidence means prosecutors may not be able to prove their case regarding the original five images. But one sheriff's detective testified he found 16-hundred pornographic images on diskettes, C-D's and one removable disk drive taken from Karr.Prosecutors won't say whether that material will be used to file additional charges.The hearing continues Friday. Copyright 2006 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed._ ...
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Mills to drop Macca bombshell
Post on 27-09-2006.
HEATHER Mills' lawyers are preparing to fight tooth and nail in the divorce courts - with one 'series of bombshell revelations' against Sir Paul McCartney. Divorce lawyer Antony Julius has compiled one file of serious claims that Mills is making against Sir Paul that are likely to become public near the time of the divorce settlement. ...
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